Q: What kinds of things can I help you achieve?

In a nutshell, I can help you:
♦ Develop a compelling brand story.
♦ Create content that provides value.
♦ Build deeper relationships with targets.
♦ Attract new patients or customers.
♦ Elevate the visibility of a new service or product.
♦ Answer competitive challenges.
♦ Strengthen a regional presence.
♦ Identify opportunities and future directions.
♦ Achieve business success.

Q: What types of services do you provide?

I can easily take any traditional or digital campaign from start to finish – from market research, strategic messaging, and copy or content development to results analysis:

♦ Messaging & communications strategy
♦ Long- and short-form copywriting
♦ Content creation and marketing
♦ Social media content
♦ Blog posts
♦ Ghostwritten blogs
♦ Community engagement
♦ E-newsletters
♦ Patient and success stories
♦ Brochure copywriting
♦ Print ads
♦ Email marketing
♦ Direct mail campaigns
♦ Event promotion
♦ Feature articles
♦ Lead generation

Q: Do you focus on certain industries?

All of my clients in some way strive to help people lead healthier lives. Some are in B2C markets, others are in B2B. Typically, they’re providers (health care systems, medical practices, etc.); medical technology companies who wish to reach providers; or, entities focused on environmental health and healthy lifestyles.

Q: How do you like to work with clients?

I tend to have long-lasting client relationships.

Some clients treat me as an ongoing extended member of their marketing team, others as an occasional addition.

I can work with you on developing high-level marketing strategies or implementing new ideas for growth. Or, I can be someone you call on for small projects, such as a patient story or some web page content.

I’m flexible and simply aim to please.

Q: Who are some of your clients?

Here are just a few of the organizations I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

♦ Boulder Community Health
♦ Cochlear Americas
♦ Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
♦ Gastroenterology of the Rockies
♦ GE Medical – Datex Ohmeda
♦ GO Boulder – City of Boulder
♦ Mountainside Medical
♦ San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates

See samples of my work here.

Q: What types of people do you work for?

Some are marketing whizzes – marketing directors or agency creative types. They usually hire me when they’re short on staff or don’t have the in-house talent.

Other clients hire me because they want to develop a strong marketing presence but are baffled by such things as e-marketing, blog posts, or Facebook. They either don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to figure it out.

Mostly, my clients are busy, overwhelmed managers who trust that I’ll give their project the personal and senior-level experience it deserves.

Q: Are you a “full-service” freelancer?

Yes, I am. A freelancer since 2001, I’ve worked collaboratively with lots of marketing experts. In other words, I have ongoing relationships with other creative independents and can bring the right skill and talent to your project. My trusted associates are successful and knowledgeable professionals in their particular field – web design and development, graphic design, public relations, e-marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media applications.

Q: How do you charge?

I like to charge by the project and give you a set price. If a project needs to be open-ended, we can work out an hourly rate.