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Awareness-driving stories on programs aimed at improving environmental and public health






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Marketing toolkit to help companies publicize their awards for climate-friendly initiatives



Created marketing communications to capture attention and spread the word about Colorado’s Environmental Leadership Program and the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity grant, which incentivizes partnerships for waste diversion and environmental health.

  • Wrote success stories about waste-diversion projects for CDPHE’s website, internal newsletter, and social media platforms. Highlighted companies’ accomplishments, the challenges they faced, and how they made measurable contributions to environmental health.
  • Pitched success stories to trade publications and local media outlets.
  • Created a marketing toolkit containing a variety of resources to help companies publicize their awards and, as a result, generate awareness of the program’s benefits.

Key accomplishment:

  • Earned commendations from client executives for content deliverables that targeted desired audiences, effectively conveyed the value of the program, and enhanced public and industry awareness of the program’s goals.