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04 Nov

Climate change is bad for our health — getting people to connect the dots

Leading scientists are mincing no words when it comes to how climate change will impact us on the most personal level —  it will have real consequences on our health. Over the coming decades, climate change is likely to increase rates of an array of conditions: allergies, asthma, heart disease, and infectious disease, just to name a few.

Although many people understand the damage climate change is inflicting on the planet, far fewer recognize its link to their and their family’s health.

How do we bridge this knowledge gap and help people embrace the reality that their health and the planet’s health are connected? Read more.

29 Sep

Three ways to market your telehealth services

Taking primary or specialty care to video chats with patients — via smartphones, tablets, or computers — offers an expanded pathway to not only better outcomes and patient experiences, but also new patient populations, additional revenue growth, and greater geographic reach.

All of these add up to good, strategic reasons to incorporate telehealth into your care programs. But getting the word out about new evisit services is no small task. Where do you even begin? Here are a few ideas for getting started.

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